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Don’t suffer in silence

Do you

- Experience difficulty following conversations when you are in a group?

- Find that people are mumbling or not speaking clearly?

- Have to turn the TV volume up louder than other people would like it?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions or experience tinnitus, your hearing could require attention. Contact your nearest Hearing Aid Solutions location.


At award winning Hearing Aid Solutions we pride ourselves on the care and attention given to each client we see, including a comprehensive aftercare service, free for the life of the hearing aids, including cleaning, programming and all adjustments. We have a fully equipped Tinnitus Management Centre to provide comprehensive relief and support for those who are  suffering from this condition.


Hearing Aid Solutions 2014 aftercare client questionnaires showed that of more than 400+ people surveyed, 99% would recommend us to others.



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Carmarthen centre offers hearing hopes for troops

Martyn Scott with representatives from Phonak and Help for Heroes


Hearing Aid Solutions has joined a scheme run in…
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Attitudes to hearing aids

I was horrified to read an article about a young man who was ordered off the football pitch half way through a match because HE WAS WEARING HEARING AIDS!!!!!

Apparently the referee felt that the hearing aids were a risk to…
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Better relationships

In social situations and groups, such as in a restaurant or in a crowded gathering, noise can make hearing increasingly difficult and it can be tempting to sit back and not be included, if you are struggling to hear what…
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We are one of only 35 independent practices in the UK and the only one in Wales, to have the honour of being recognised as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ and have been invited to join the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals.

This guarantees you high ethical standards and impartiality and higher levels of service and equipment, than are predominently found in everday hearing centres. Please click on the link on the right to find out more.